Isotope is a decentralized multi-player game modeled like the World Wide Web.

Instead of using a centralized server, Isotope allows the creator of each world to host it himself. Worlds are linked together with "stargate"-like hyperlinks. But unlike the World Wide Web, Isotope lets you play and interact with others who are visiting the same site.
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Edumetrics Institute developed Isotope as a learning game to help children develop thinking skills.  Unlike most other multiplayer games, Isotope centers around solving puzzles, instead of killing monsters.

Many of the puzzles we use are designed by psychometric experts to help cultivate specific thinking abilities.  In other words, this game does more than just entertain you--it makes you smarter.

The game includes a state-of-the-art "Learning Progress System" to evaluate your progress and help you find the puzzles that will help you learn the fastest.


screen shot 2Interactive multiplayer games can be a powerful force for motivating children to try.  That's why Edumetrics decided to make this a multi-player game.  We made it decentralized in order to ensure that it will continue to grow and affect as many people as possible.